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Garagee (pronounced Gar-Adji(Y)) is the solo project of Naarm-based multi-instrumentalist Rob
McPherson. Garagee has always sought to capture the full expanse of human experience,
utilizing the universal aspects of world music influences, creating soundtracks to films you
haven’t yet seen. His hypnotic, atmospheric recordings bridge several genres, from electronic to
post-rock, referencing the sonic palettes and instrumental music of the likes of Brian Eno, Grails
and Bonobo.
Garagee’s eclectic sound-world is inimitable: integrating world instruments such as ruan, liuqin,
saz, erhu, dan bau, gamelan and ukulele, with field recordings, rock instruments and
electronics. Each track is like a vignette, with its own character and story to tell.

Active for 16 years, Garagee has released several singles, EPs and albums on psy-trance label
Tempest Recordings. His debut album Gar-Adji(Y) (the phonetic spelling), followed by Garagee
II were both launched to sold out crowds in Melbourne, with guest appearances on PBS The
Breakfast Spread and Radio City. Garagee enjoys regular rotation on Australian ambient world
radio station SBS Chill.
Garagee brings his creations to life with a huge array of acoustic instruments, live looping and
visuals. He also performs shows as a DJ. Garagee has reached Melbourne audiences in many
iconic venues including the Empress, Section 8, Revolver and Loop, along side the likes of Ollie
Olsen, Andy Rantzen & Hesius Dome, as well as French Island Festival and Wildside in Central
Australia. Rob has also performed with with surf rock band Hot Wings, singer-songwriter Lisa
Crawley, and in Coda Chroma’s former project, Tell Tale, and is a current member of Hesius Dome.

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