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Garagee is the brainchild and ongoing expressive outlet of multi-instrumentalist, Rob McPherson....

Kicking off in 2008, Garagee's aim was, and has remained, to create eclectic and emotive instrumental vignettes, accompaniments to travel and life, a non-visual filmic experience....if you will...

Drawing from a rich pallette of world instruments (including ruan, liuqin, saz, erhu, dan bau, gamelan and ukulele), traditional

rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums and synths) and field recordings utilizing electronics, Garagee creates hypnotic soundtracks

to short films you haven't seen yet.

Ranging from ambient to stomping grooves, to epic bombast and back again, each Garagee album/ EP presents a satisfying journey

which can be consumed whole, or one chapter at a time.

Teaming up with indie electronica label Tempest Recordings in 2008, a prolific and supportive collective with a bent towards creative expression and collaboration, Garagee released a debut self- titled, '(gar/adj/i(y))' with a single, 'Plinky', taken from that with remixes from the likes of Hesius Dome and Red Eye Express.
Two EPs followed. 'Resolve' and 'Eldorado'. The latter being a concept EP built on trials, tribulation and personal journey with strong cinematic post-rock flavoured undertones (released on 12" vinyl). These sentiments are set to continue with a second full-length record

due for release in early 2015.

Garagee's live shows employ acoustic & electronic instrumentation, along with custom film clips. The past 6 years

has seen the project play supports to Australian electronic music legends by the likes of Ollie Olsen, Hesius Dome,

Rip Van Hippy & Andy Rantzen.

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