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May 17th, 2024

'Blood' single featuring Steve Kilbey

"With ethereal guitar loops, lush, atmospheric pads, and nostalgic imagery from Steve Kilbey’s vocals, the combination of Garagee’s detailed, eclectic production and Steve’s clear knack for articulating

ambiguous storylines creates an intimate account of an emotional and metaphoric ‘world’."

March 13, 2024

'Not Our Nature (feat. Pink Tights)' Single!

'Not Our Nature' is the first single that marks the beginning of a significant shift into collaborative territory with a wealth of singer, songwriters. Having always been an instrumental act, the addition of words could not be done haphazardly... Instrumental pieces were written with specific vocalists/ lyricists in mind. Lyricists with a unique perspective and turn of phrase who, in addition, have distinctive voices with which to carry their message.

'Not Our Nature' features the indelible approach of Pink Tights, delivering a claustrophobic reflection on the perils of communication through technology, and the truth found in the organic.

In a nostalgic throwback to the glory days of late 90's CD-singles, a remix has been included in the single release. Taking masterful charge of this responsibility is old label-mate (c/o Tempest Recordings), Numatica, whose dreamy half-time dub interpretation works in complementing the original edit.

December 15, 2023

Dream Chronicles: Collected Works compilation album and CD!

With the gift of hindsight and the benefit of a few years distance, It's become easier to reflect on these morsels of aural valium through rose coloured glasses, and finally get around to presenting the two companion EPs ('Dreaming Of Sleep' [2020], and 'Daydream Chronicles Vol.2: Always Had The Sky' [2021]) as a more complete body of work, in the form of an album, and very limited CD.

The goal was always to create a collection of intimate, guitar-based meditations and a self-medicating escape through music. A personal, internalised hope and tranquility that emerges from immense anxiety and uncertainty...

Feeling as relevant as they did originally, these pieces still serve their purpose for me. I recommend consuming this album whole, or as required.

Consult your doctor if pain persists.x

October 29, 2021

'Daydream Chronicles, Vol.2: Always Had The Sky' EP

This EP is a companion piece to the 'Dreaming Of Sleep' EP with songs from the same period, written for the same purpose...creating a collection of intimate, guitar-based meditations and a self-medicating escape through music.


June 21st, 2021

CUT AND RUN/ LOVE THEME on cassette!

Bringing this 80's horror/ action soundtrack homage to it's ultimate conclusion, It's now available in an extremely limited run of only 20 copies on red cassette / cassingle, in a standard jewel case with fold-over J-card!

April 16th, 2021

CUT AND RUN/ LOVE THEME - 80's Horror Double Single

Recently finding solace and comfort in the golden era of 80's horror/  action movies and their fantastically nostalgic soundtracks, this is my  homage... 2020 through the audio/ visual lens of Carpenter, Goblin,  Argento, Tangerine Dream, Barker, Craven, Badalamenti and Morricone.

CUT AND RUN could be a montage, a chase or an extended trailer.... LOVE THEME, the soundtrack to a scene with lots of circling, soft-wipe angles and WAY too many candles.

October 28th, 2020

The Road

Any folks situated in or heading to the top end (Darwin, NT) next week, make sure to  check out this exhibition and the piece I was fortunate enough to have  been able to contribute to as co-composer and producer. Powerful stuff!

June 19th, 2020

Dreaming Of Sleep

To distract from our sudden cancellation of all gigs and general fun, a friend proposed a weekly song-club in late March this year.... 

This EP presents a collection of those intimate, guitar-based meditations. A  self-medicating escape through instrumental music, and a snapshot of a solitary  lockdown.

November, 2019

New ambient 'Volahytta' concept EP!

This EP has come about from a recent creative patch brought to being through an inspiring mountain hike.
Armed with an intentionally limited palette (Korg Minilogue synth, guitar, EP3 Echoplex), setting about trying to express some of the profound impact that the experience in the mountains had on me, was both liberating and cathartic. These ambient, largely improvised experiments were culled down to the Volahytta EP.

October, 2019

Brekkhus single, free download!

Exciting things afoot! Download a free preview of the lead single from the new ambient EP 'Volahytta'. It's called 'Brekkhus' and it's quite chilled.x

January, 2019

Split 7" vinyl!

A chance meeting with a very talented, like minded loop-based multi-instrumentalist, Cecil Turbine, has brought about this fantastic little Split 7" for all you fellow vinyl enthusiasts!! From the moment we played each other these tracks, it really felt like they fit and complement each other. For this reason I hope fans from both camps enjoy these songs as much as we do. My track, 'The Rocks Of King' is a preview of the next album....!  Follow the link to purchase on vinyl or download at bandcamp. xx

October, 2016

'Sojourn' Release

I'm excited to let everyone know the arrival of 'Sojourn'.

Slated for a November 25th release (on all digital formats and a VERY limited fun of 50 CDs), Sojourn is a collection of some of my favorite remixes i've done for label-mates, brought together with rare tracks from compilations, bonus tracks and a number of previously unreleased gems!....

Links to follow soon!

April, 2016

Garagee in Central Oz!

A completely amazing (and somewhat surreal!) time was had by all at the recent boutique 'Wildside' festival in central Australia, about 4hrs SW of Alice Springs! Along with a roster of other amazing artists and DJs, I performed a Garagee VJ set, using a 350 million year-old escarpment as a projector screen!! Unforgettable...

Dec 5th, 2015

Jane McArthur - Story Thieves

So... I haven't been completely idle..(!)... Y'all have to check out this track I produced and recorded for Melbourne songwriter extraordinaire, Jane McArthur and featuring Melanie Robinson on Cello.... Whilst you're there, make sure to check out the rest of the project (in particular, May's 'Up All Night')......Incredible stuff!x

June 6th, 2015

Garagee II Released!
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'Garagee II' has landed and it is good!

The Limited Edition 12", pressed on virgin vinyl, placed in a poly-lined black sleeve and full colour 300gsm jacket with protective plastic outer sleeve.
Individually numbered (001-250) with bonus sticker and CD of full album!
First 40 orders receive a bonus poster!

Garagee tape ad Friday.jpg
Garagee - Garagee II Vinyl

'Garagee II' LP

12" Vinyl (+CD) and Download

Garagee II
Garagee LDHB

Official website for producer/ composer Garagee

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